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For the first time in 30 years reindeers registration commenced in 16 Evenki reindeer farms in the north of Zabaykalie

For the first time in 30 years reindeers registration commenced in 16 Evenki reindeer farms in the north of Zabaykalie
The Program is being implemented as part of the Social and Economic Cooperation Agreement between Zabaykalsky Krai Government, Kalarsky District Administration and Baikal Mining Company.
Kalarsky District of Zabaykalsky Krai numbers 16 reindeer farms with different forms of ownership today. Reindeer herders mainly live separately significantly far from each other. Gevan is rightfully considered to be the largest community – they inhabit Chapo-Ologo land – Amudisa natural landmark, there are about 2,500 animals in the Evenki farm.
Specialists started “chipping” reindeers on 19 August 2019 – this is a modern method of recording animals.
Chipping procedure demands much effort: prior to «marking» the animal must be vaccinated for anthrax and other diseases, then the reindeer’s ear to be pierced and an electronic ear clip to be fixed. The chip contains identification number of the animal with data about the owner, age of the reindeer and its age-sex group.
Information about each specimen is stored in an electronic base, this enables vets to keep reliable record of the number of animals and plan animal disease control measures. In addition, information about the number of animals will make it possible to decide the required number of reindeer breeding stock to support the Evenki’s traditional kinds of natural resources use.
As Ekaterina Sinkevich, program coordinator, noted, “One of the top priority goals of the government is to prevent this сraft from becoming extinct, assist in preserving the number of animals and its subsequent development. This is the purpose of this chipping – electronic identification of domestic reindeers. As soon as the initial data about the number and structure of the herd is processed, we with Baikal Mining Company will start developing supportive measures”.
In order to keep records of the number of domestic reindeers in Zabaykalie Extreme North, specialists from St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk trained local reindeer-team drivers how to keep records.
The specialists should cover the farms with total of about 3,500 reindeers in Kalarsky District before late fall. The largest reindeer farms in Kalarsky District – Gevan, Metakat, Syulban – will be next. Chipping of calves is scheduled for October.
According to the Federal Law, all cattle is subject to electronic identification before 1 January 2021. 22 August 2019