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Day of Zabaikalye Region in Kalar District Marked by Celebration of Evenki Holiday

Day of Zabaikalye Region in Kalar District Marked by Celebration of Evenki Holiday
A theatrical festival of Evenki culture was celebrated on March 1, 2020 in Kyust-Kemda settlement at Lyuksugun lake as part of the Day of Reindeer Breeder.

The event provided for in the Agreement for Social and Economic Cooperation between the Government of Zabaikalye Region, Kalar Administration and Baikal Mining Company was attended by approximately one thousand residents.

Head of Kalar Administration Pavel Romanov opened the festival and congratulated its participants highlighting the paramount importance of reindeer breeding in the social life of the area.

Residents of Kyust-Kemda, Chara, Novaya Chara settlements as well as remote settlements of Kalar District provided entertainment program.

Ulgani and Feeding of the Fire Evenki rites were carried out at Lyuksugun lake to the strains of Jew`s harps and tambourines, youth musical bands appeared before the footlights.

Evenki teams vied in national sports such as tug-of-war, vaults over the sledge, rock lifting.

Reindeer team races became the main and most welcome event of the festival. The team of Syulban clan came in first in the race.

General Director of Baikal Mining Company German Mironov handed out the money certificate and diploma to the winner.

He referred to holding the Evenki festival on the day of Zabaikalye Region as symbolic.

Delivering a speech at the opening of the event he noted that reindeer breeding was a traditional type of nature management for the northern part of the region. “Support of reindeer breeding as well as traditions and culture of the Evenkis is the priority part of the social responsibility program for BMC,” he emphasized.

“The Day of Reindeer Breeder is a holiday of gusto, traditions and continuity,” President of Association of Indigenous Minorities of Zabaikalye Region Inna Ferko stated. The work of taiga reindeer breeders always stood high and inspired sincere respect in Kalar District, she said. 01 March 2020