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The “Chara” Airport renovation project was positively reported by State Appraisal

 The “Chara” Airport renovation project was positively reported by State Appraisal
The design estimate documentation of the airport renovation project was developed earlier and handed over to Zabaikalye Region.
The project provides for reconstruction of the runway, taxiways ramp. It also includes equipment of the airfield with an airway lightning system with low-intensity lights in two landing directions to ensure its round-the-clock operating.
The approved project provides for construction of a new service & passenger building with throughput of 50 passengers per hour, a health post with a sick room, a baby care room, and public catering. Likewise, an emergency response depot will be built to have a training-and-drill facility, a garage for special-purpose airfield vehicles, a fuel & lube storage, and a security gate, etc.
The project will cover improvement of site area, landside traffic-free zone in front of the service & passenger building.
As noted by А. Kozlov, the airport complex renovation works should start even in 2020. “For the Far East in general, and for each residential place in particular, ease of travel by itself means life. This is an opportunity of seamless transportation, not limited by one flight a week as it is now. It goes without saying that projects like this “Chara” Airport renovation will always be within the priority area of our Ministry”, he stated.
The existing airfield in Chara village is class “G” per the Federal Aviation Regulations classification. It is capable of accommodating such airplanes as Antonov’s An-24, An-26, An-30, An-32, An-38, Yakovlev’s Yak-40, L-410, Antonov’s An-2, and helicopters as Mil’s Mi-8 and a class lower. The service & passenger building was commissioned back in 1983, and presents a two-storied timber building. Currently, the only regular airline connections are the cities of Chita, Irkutsk, and Yakutsk.
The existing passenger and cargo transportation and airplane servicing infrastructure in Chara airport is obsolete and degraded, and does not comply with the requirements of the current standard technical documentation.

13 March 2020