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Udokan saw a start of Concentrator steel structures installation

Udokan saw a start of Concentrator steel structures installation
On the same trip were Alexander Osipov, Governor of Zabaikalye Region, Valery Kazikaev, Chair of the Board of Directors of Baikal Mining Company, and German Mironov, its General Director.
«Construction of MMP for Udokan copper deposit is the largest investment project in Zabaikalye Region and one of the largest ones in the Far East. Udokan deposit with its resources of 26.7 million tons of ore is the biggest copper deposit in Russia. The deposit was explored as long ago as in the Soviet times, though its development could only be started as late as now. Owing to the PDA initiative, there appeared an opportunity to ease the financial pressure on the Project and implement it within a shorter period of time. The production will start in 2022, which will allow us, even by this deadline, to employ around 2,000 highly qualified members of staff directly in production” – noteв Alexander Kozlov, RF Minister of Far East and Arctic Development.
Currently, Udokan is seeing installation of foundations for frameworks of the plant’s main buildings. Over 56 thousand cubic meters of concrete have already been cast into the capital structures.
The future concentrator, aside from foundations of the building itself, is experiencing installation of foundations for equipment, particularly the ore mills.
Also, there is installation of steel structures going on at full speed in the Reagent Preparation area.
As was mentioned by Valery Kazikaev, Chair of the Board of Directors of Baikal Mining Company: “Installation of steel structures has started on the foundations of future buildings, while a total of over two thousand specialists are involved in site works”.
Following the time schedule, construction of site motor roads is continuing at Udokan. Thus, there is earth filling going on for the roadbeds of the main entrance to the Concentrator Plant and the site access road as well.
Site preparation works have started for the Primary Ore Crusher building, the western primary Tailings causeway and barrier channel.
Construction of the main process equipment Temporary Storage building is underway, as well as of the Supply Base.
As per V. Kazikaev, BMC have competed commissioning and equipment load testing at the sub-station and ETL installed back in late 2019, and acquired the Rostekhnadzor’s approval to put these facilities in operation.
13 March 2020